How Does my team get ranked??


 Our mission is to take all the guesswork out of the ranking process.  We recognize that the sheer number of teams across the nation make it very difficult to notice all of the deserving teams out there.  The process we propose is as follows:  


  • Become a member of a conference (There is no fee to join)

  • Participate in one of our Preseason Kick off events - These events are used as a base line for our preseason rankings.  NSR will Sanction pre-existing events that will act as official Preseason Ranking events. This approach allows us to focus on the evaluation of teams from across the nation without having to plan and run these events ourselves. 

  • The rankings will change from week to week based on our designated criteria and a point system that rewards teams for playing out side of their normal league, distance the team had to travel to play the game and more.

  • Each conference will be represented in the top 5 and recognized as the top team in the conference from week to week based on the aforementioned criteria and point system.  This will also ensure that the very best teams from a given region is always represented in the rankings



    Listed below are the most important factors in the Team ranking process:

Weekly Performance


 The way a team performs on a weekly basis, is ultimately what will determine whether or not a team gets, and stays ranked from week to week.  Dominant performances over great competition, especially other ranked teams will cay the most weight in the ranking process. 

Strength of Schedule


Teams that play top competition such as other ranked teams,  out of state or league teams, and teams that play in travel leagues will have the greatest chances of being ranked in the NSR TOP 15 Power Rankings.   A team has more to gain with competitive loss against a good team, than a blow-out win over a bad team in the weekly voting process. 

Strength of league


Teams that play in power house leagues that face stiff competition on a weekly basis have the best chance of being ranked.  Games played by teams in powerhouse leagues will carry more weight in the weekly voting process. 

Team Talent


Over all team talent will play a critical roll in determining the preseason rankings.  Teams that where ranked the following season and have the majority of their squad in tact, have a great shot at being ranked early.  You still have to win.  

Coaching Staff


In youth football, coaching is often the difference between winning and losing.  Teams that boaster the most experienced, coaching staffs, who have a proven championship pedigree have a great shot at being ranked early.  You still have to win on the field   

Travel/ Out of league Games


Teams that add travel games to their schedule will have a greater chance of being ranked.   Travel games carry more weight in the weekly voting process.   

Preseason Tournaments


Teams that participate in preseason Tournaments, even ones that are not NSR, Tournament of Champions, or National Title Games events.   The results of these events will be used a baseline team evaluation tool.